What we differ

About the bank

About the bank

We are a private bank that helps clients protect their assets, increase their value and pass them on to the next generation. Last but not least, we help our clients enjoy their assets. Our view of assets is comprehensive.

We offer products based on high appreciation and services that include multigenerational asset management, investment securities trading and lifestyle management. We protect assets not only against economic influences, but also against legislative changes and regular life events.



Our product portfolio offers term deposits, notice deposits, subordinated deposits, current accounts and payment cards.

Under our investment products, you can purchase mutual funds and bonds, trade with securities and gold, and participate in promissory note programmes.


What we differ

Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities

We see investment as a continuous process during which it is necessary to respond to our clients’ changing needs, to developments in their life and to changes brought by external factors. We view assets as multigenerational. We strive to sustain and increase the value of our clients’ assets.

For us, investing is a never-ending process of cooperation between clients, our private bank and specialists, with the aim of finding a solution that keeps pace with our clients’ needs and expectations.



Your business activities are just as important as your private assets. We will be pleased to contribute to their financing and help you with your business projects. We provide project financing, bridge loans, syndicated loans, and note or bond issues.

No matter how complicated or unusual your project is, we are able to evaluate it very quickly and offer the most advantageous form of financing, including individual interest rates.

Structured assets

Structured assets

Most of us wish to secure our future as well as our children’s future. Structuring your assets carefully and conscientiously is a good way to protect them and make them grow. We will help you distribute the structure of your assets and make sure that your portfolio uses various forms of assets and different degrees of risk to maximise the effect of asset management.

We pay attention to optimising tax burdens, and, with a reasonable degree of risk, we try to maximise returns.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

Your finances are managed by our professional portfolio managers, who possess extensive knowledge and expertise as well as the most advanced information and technological safeguards to be able to provide you with the maximum amount of care and help you to reach the goals that you have set together.

Basic parameters of the service

Minimum investment: CZK 10 million or EUR 400 thousand
Minimum investment horizon: At least one year depending on the chosen investment strategy

Magnus Club

Magnus Club

Thanks to Magnus Club, you can take advantage of a wide range of interesting benefits. Magnus Club will also make it possible for you to utilise the services of some of our partners flexibly and comfortably.

As a Magnus Club member, you will receive a payment card with an activated club membership. You will be credited the points that you will receive when making a deposit. You can use this card to collect and save points and then use the collected points to pay.

Family Office

Family Office

Family assets are more than just assets whose value we are able to increase. Even your ideas and values need to be protected. We see management of family finances as a multigenerational issue. Different plans of the next generation, family disputes, divorce and death can all interfere with the continuity of your family assets.

Our aim is to secure your wealth for the next generation in line with your plans. To this end, we make use of the expertise and synergies of J&T financial group.



We will take care of certain areas of your private life. We will accompany you along your path in life and help you with private and business matters. We will save you time. We will arrange for your whole family, home and pets to be taken care of. We will plan your trip abroad, make flight arrangements and even reserve tickets to special events. We will organise parties for your family, recommend good schools, arrange for an au pair and do many other things that will make your life more pleasant.

For us, your comfort is a matter of prestige. Let us know your wishes – together we will give them shape and then realise them in full. We come up with novel ideas and bring our experience to your ideas. Although our most demanding clients can choose where to go, they stay with us. We are their life partner. J&T Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day.

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Media Service

10 April 2019


13 December 2018

J&T BANKA Closes Third Quarter with a Balance Sheet Total Exceeding 156 Billion Czech Crowns

26 September 2018

Building Land and Start-Ups: the Clear Choice for Interesting Returns

Czech dollar millionaires expect the most interesting returns on their investments from building land and start-ups. Agricultural land has begun losing appeal, suffering a record drop, at least according to the results of the unique eighth annual survey of Czech and Slovak dollar millionaires: J&T...

14 June 2018

J&T BANKA Closes First Quarter with a Balance Sheet Total of Almost CZK 154 Billion

25 May 2018

J&T and CITIC Group Representatives Conclude Agreement on Sale of Receivables and on Mutual Cooperation

After constructive negotiations, representatives of J&T Private Investments and J&T Finance Group SE (J&T), on the one side, and Rainbow wisdom led by the Chinese corporation CITIC Group (CITIC), on the other, have agreed on strategic cooperation.

17 May 2018

Regarding the events surrounding CEFC group, we consider it necessary to issue this press statement

12 April 2018

J&T BANKA Reports 2017 As Its Best Year Ever

According to its audited consolidated results, J&T Banka, one of the most important private banks in the Czech Republic, ended 2017 with a balance sheet total of CZK 143 billion (a year-on-year increase of 7.4%). Net earnings for the period amounted to CZK 2.2 billion, which is a more than a...

13 March 2018

Regarding the information that appeared in the media about CEFC, we consider it necessary to issue a press statement

1 March 2018


Prague, March 1, 2018

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