Discover New Opportunities with J&T Banka

Welcome to J&T Banka, where substantial wealth meets unparalleled opportunities. As a distinguished private and investment bank in the Czech Republic, we extend our bespoke services across Europe, catering to a sophisticated clientele. Our focus is not just on individuals, families, and companies but on their aspirations for growth, asset protection, and intergenerational wealth transfer.

At J&T Banka, we believe in more than just managing wealth; we believe in enhancing it. Our approach is rooted
in establishing long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and deep understanding. By knowing our clients intimately – their wishes, needs, and dreams – we tailor our services to meet every specific requirement with precision.

Our drive is fueled by a shared ambition: to grow together. We gauge our success by the success of our clients. With J&T Banka, rest assured that your financial journey is in expert hands, every step of the way.

Important Milestones

  1. J&T Banka officially founded

  2. Branch in Slovakia opened

  3. Expanded to Croatian market as J&T Banka d.d.

  4. Moody’s assigned a Baa2 long-term deposit rating to J&T BANKA with stable outlook

Fully Engaged in Financial and Investment Markets

Our analysts monitor the world’s shifting financial markets every day, enabling us to respond quickly and flexibly to emerging risks and opportunities. J&T’s portfolio managers run our own investment funds and other investment vehicles with the sole aim of maximizing clients’ assets. Our private bankers custom tailor solutions for each client’s unique life situation.

Knowing that these three expert teams are working closely together with utmost synergy, our clients rest assured that their investments are in skillful hands. That means clients can focus fully on what is truly important to them – be that in business or in life.

We are bolstered by the capabilities and resources of J&T Finance Group SE bank holding, which also includes the Slovak branch, the Russian J&T Bank a.o., and J&T banka d.d. in Croatia. J&T is among the largest bond issuers in the Czech Republic. Through J&T IB Capital Markets, we broker the sale of bonds for major players in the region.

We Protect and Grow Wealth. For the Long-term.

Substantial wealth should not settle for standard products. That is why J&T Banka designs opportunities that are beyond standard.

We provide private clients cutting-edge expertise in wealth management. In addition to common investment instruments, such as stocks and bonds, our portfolio includes our own funds run by professional portfolio managers as well as specialized investment vehicles that other financial institutions simply do not offer.  Each of J&T’s funds has a clear and unique strategy. This enables us to manage returns actively and limit value fluctuations. Although in the past we directed our investments primarily to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, today J&T invests and operates across Europe. Our clients can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities, and we are committed to helping each client fully understand every investment so that the client can select the most suitable of these.

We assist corporate clients in issuing bonds and financing their projects. Through our years of experience, we have participated in placing into the market more than 100 corporate bond issues denominated in crowns, euro, and U.S. dollars. The companies whose bonds we offer stand among the leaders in their industries.  We take an individual approach to project financing and offer flexible solutions that draw upon our creativity and ample palette of financial products and instruments.

As a private bank, we can arrange solutions also for very specific requirements and needs, including to provide our clients with art or concierge services.


  • 12/14 Mandatory Disclosure – Reference State Selection Notification
  • 11/14 J&T BANKA sells its assets in Russia and is definitively leaving the market there
  • 10/2 J&T FINANCE GROUP SE achieves profit of EUR 146 million in the first half of 2023
  • 9/6 J&T BANKA closes first half-year with profit of CZK 3.1 billion (EUR 131 mil.)
  • 7/3 J&T FINANCE GROUP SE has new shareholders, long-time managers of the bank
  • 6/29 J&T FINANCE GROUP SE reports for 2022 the highest operating profit in its history
  • 6/22 J&T BANKA obtains approval necessary for sale of its assets in Russia
  • 4/19 J&T BANKA closes 2022 with record net profit of CZK 3.38 billion
  • 3/6 J&T BANKA expands to German market, opens a branch in Frankfurt
  • 1/24 J&T BANKA obtains Moody’s international investment rating

Currency Exchange Rate Table

In connection with the current international situation, we are suspending the execution of operations with the Russian rouble.

The exchange rate values are given per unit of the respective currency in CZK. (As of: 7/19/2024)

Mandatory Disclosure

Office hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.