J&T BANKA closes 2022 with record net profit of CZK 3.38 billion

Its audited consolidated results show that J&T BANKA closed last year with its highest-ever net profit of CZK 3.38 billion (+CZK 0.58 billion). The Bank’s volume of corporate loans also recorded record growth, increasing by 17% year on year. The total volume of loans and receivables from clients reached CZK 106.15 billion in 2022.

The geopolitical situation and macroeconomic influences have brought with them an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of actively managed portfolios and investments. While indices tracking the major equity and bond markets saw losses of 10% to 20% at best, all funds managed by the investment companies closed the year with excellent results. The fastest growing fund in 2022 was J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS, which last year credited investors with appreciation of 8.9% and boosted its volume by 140% to end the year at CZK 31.38 billion. The total volume of assets under management came to CZK 104.66 billion, more than doubling year on year (+ CZK 57 billion). This growth results not only from the performance of the funds, but also from acquisition of the investment company AMISTA, which became part of the group at the end of the year.

Shareholders’ equity increased by CZK 9.63 billion year on year and totaled CZK 35.86 billion at the end of last year. In addition to the current year’s profit and the contribution from retained earnings of the previous year, it also benefited from an extraordinary capital increase by shareholders of CZK 2.91 billion.

Capital adequacy on a consolidated basis reached 19.37%. The Bank is thus sufficiently capitalized for further development.