J&T BANKA increases its stake in leading investment company AMISTA

J&T BANKA is increasing to 80% its stake in AMISTA, a leading investment company and one of the largest Czech managers and administrators of funds for qualified investors. The two entities entered into a strategic partnership in the middle of last year with the aim of jointly offering investors the broadest portfolio of qualified investor fund services in the Czech Republic. After a very successful year, this partnership is deepening and J&T BANKA is acquiring a majority shareholding in AMISTA. The minority stake is divided among the existing management shareholders.

"I am very pleased to announce the strengthening of our partnership with J&T BANKA, which has proven to be very successful, and, due to numerous synergies, we can now guarantee provision of the widest range of services in the Czech market within the area of establishment, management, and distribution of funds for qualified investors," said Ondřej Horák, CEO and Chairman of AMISTA’s Board of Directors. "This year, we have taken over the management of a number of funds for qualified investors of the J&T Group and have expanded our portfolio by a total of 17 funds in the year."

The change in ownership does not affect AMISTA’s governing bodies, and its management remains under the current leadership. The company’s main objective in the months ahead will be to further expand its activities while focusing on the most demanding client segment and providing fully tailored services according to those clients’ requirements.

"AMISTA has many years of experience with funds for qualified investors. We intend to make use of its experience to build new platforms and also offer AMISTA’s services to our private clients for the management and administration of family wealth, both in the form of funds for qualified investors and trust funds. At the same time, we believe that AMISTA’s existing and prospective clients will appreciate our ability to provide services of a custodian or securities dealer, as well as bank and mezzanine financing services within the group. Selected partners will also have the opportunity to raise capital for their fund from J&T Group or our clients," remarked Štěpán Ašer, CEO and member of the Board of Directors of J&T BANKA.